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Denver Rental Inspections and Inspector Information

How many inspections are needed?

The number of inspections must be 10% of the total units, rounded to the nearest whole number. At least one must be inspected if there are fewer than 10 total units. Examples: 11 units equals one inspection required, 26 units equals three inspections required, 141 units equals 14 inspections required, 267 units equals 27 inspections required.

Multiunit inspections will also cover any shared utilities or building-wide items. These are included on the inspection checklist for multifamily/unit properties.

What is inspected?

How much does an inspection cost?

Because inspections and re-inspections are done by third-party inspectors, the cost is not set by the city. Costs will vary based on each inspector’s pricing. It's also based on the number of units that need to be inspected. The program requires at least 10% of units at a multiunit rental property be inspected (or one if there are fewer than 10 units). Units must be randomly selected by the inspector using a random number generator. 

What is the application timeframe requirement?

Applications for residential rental property licenses must be made within 90 days of a completed inspection to be considered valid. Re-inspections must be completed and submitted within one year of application. 

What is provided to the customer from the inspector for residential rental property applications?

(a) Certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) or the Master Inspector Certification Board, and  

(b) Certified as an R5, C5, or C8 Combination Building Inspector by the International Code Council (ICC)

What happens if I have non-compliant checklist items?

If a property fails an inspection, then an inspector has noted a life safety or critical health issue that makes it unsafe for tenants. If repairs to structural, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems are required to ensure they are safe and in good working order, property owners must receive permits. A qualified contractor must make the repairs before having the rental unit re-inspected. A re-inspection or verification from the inspector is required to confirm compliance.

What if my repairs require building permits?

Building permits are issued and completed work is inspected by Community Planning and Development. Visit www.denvergov.org/epermits to apply.

What if I'm unable to comply with the checklist?

Denver’s rules and regulations governing residential health are important to ensure safe and habitable living conditions. Variance petitions can be submitted to the Board of Public Health & Environment. The petitioner must show they meet the standards for obtaining a variance. The Board may approve, approve with conditions, or decline the request. More information and how to submit a variance are in the Rules Governing Hearings before the Board.

For any other information about a failed inspection, call 311 or email licenses@denvergov.org. The Department will follow up with you directly.

Inspection exemptions?

What are the inspector's certification requirements?

Have more questions about the program or the application? 

Visit the City of Denver Rental Licensing FAQ page here for more information.

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