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Denver Rental Licensing Inspection

"Healthy Residential Rentals for All"

The city council of Denver has successfully approved the implementation of a new Residential Rental License Policy. This significant development aligns Denver with the majority of the country, as more than 60% of the nation already has some form of rental licensing program in place.

The primary objective of this program is to guarantee that tenants reside in secure and healthy dwellings, especially considering the substantial disparity between rental rates and incomes. By enacting this policy, Denver aims to address the pressing need for improved housing conditions and affordability for its residents.

Since the inception of the rental program, our Denver Certified Rental Inspectors have consistently led the way by conducting the necessary inspections for rental licenses. 

As the Denver Residential Rental License program reaches its full implementation, it is crucial to ensure your readiness. 

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the information provided in the Inspection Guidebook. If you own a single-family rental property, a multi-family rental property or plan on renting out your current property, it is recommended to schedule your inspection for licensing and avoid fees and/or penalties.

Learn More: For additional information about the program, please visit the city's website here. You can also visit our Denver Rental FAQ page here.

Here are some of the common items your inspector will be looking for:

Why Hire Colorado Property Inspectors For Your Denver Rental Inspection?

Colorado Property Inspectors are certified rental inspectors currently listed on the Denver Rental Inspector Registry. Our inspectors undergo extensive training and possess significant experience in conducting thorough visual and non-invasive inspections. We meticulously capture photographs of inspected items on the Denver required checklist and provide a personalized report that outlines our findings. Additionally, we furnish all the necessary inspection documentation required for licensing purposes.

How much does an inspection cost?

Because inspections and re-inspections are done by third-party inspectors, the cost is not set by the city. Costs will vary based on each inspector’s pricing. It's also based on the number of units that need to be inspected. The program requires at least 10% of units at a multi-unit rental property be inspected (or one if there are fewer than 10 units). Units must be randomly selected by the inspector using a random number generator. Colorado Property Inspectors offers a flat inspection fee of $135 per unit, with a re-inspection fee of $45 if necessary. And for a limited time, we will also give you a $10 discount per inspected unit.* Contact Us for more information!

Denver Rental Inspection

$135.00 per Unit/SFH

Includes: Denver Checklist Report, Inspector Certifications, Picture (Stockholders) Report - Same Day Report

When it comes to rental inspections in Denver, Colorado Property Inspectors is your  premier provider. Our team of highly trained professionals posses the expertise you need to ensure that your rental property inspection aligns with Denver's changing "Healthy Residential Rentals for All" regulations. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

While the threat of fire has been a longstanding concern, the awareness of carbon monoxide's danger has risen significantly in recent decades. In response to this evolving understanding, the city of Denver has implemented stringent safety measures. These requirements include not only the installation of smoke alarms within each bedroom but also an additional alarm positioned immediately outside these sleeping areas. To ensure comprehensive safety, Denver's regulations requires the placement of smoke alarms on every level of the home, complemented by the positioning of carbon monoxide alarms outside each bedroom, within a 15-foot radius from the bedroom entrance. 

Fire Extinguisher

Whether your rental property is in a multi-unit complex or a single family home, a working fire extinguisher is required in the home within 30 feet of the kitchen or within 75 feet of a multi-unit rental property. Denver's emphasis on this requirement underscores the city's commitment to ensuring the welfare of its residents and promoting responsible property management. By mandating the presence of fire extinguishers in rental homes, Denver not only complies with established safety standards but also enhances the overall preparedness of its community members in the face of fire-related emergencies. 

Working GFCI Outlet in Restrooms

Denver's requirement for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the bathrooms of rental homes reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding the well-being of its residents. GFCI outlets are designed to prevent electrical shock hazards by immediately detecting imbalances in electric currents, such as those caused by water contact. Bathrooms, being high-moisture areas, pose an elevated risk of accidental electrocution due to the proximity of water sources. By mandating GFCI outlets, Denver aims to reduce this risk significantly, providing an extra layer of protection to tenants and visitors who use electrical devices in these spaces. 

Properly Functioning Water Heater and Furnace/Boiler

A working furnace/boiler is essential, especially in Denver's cold climate, as it provides reliable heating during the winter months, preventing exposure to extreme cold and related health risks. The provided heat must measure no lower than 70 degrees. A functional water heater is crucial for maintaining proper hygiene and daily routines, as it ensures access to hot water for bathing, cleaning, and other essential activities.  The minimum hot water temperature must measure no lower than 110 degrees. By enforcing these requirements, Denver prioritizes the well-being of tenants, aiming to create habitable living conditions that promote physical and mental health. 

Navigating the Denver Rental Inspection process doesn't need to be stressful. With Colorado Property Inspectors by your side, you can confidently meet the requirements and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your tenants. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for simplifying the rental inspection journey. 

For the complete list of items that your inspector will be looking for, please read the Denver Rental Inspection Guidebook.

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