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Colorado Property Inspectors SOP & Limitations

Colorado Property Inspectors follow InterNACHI Standards of Practice and the (CCPIA) Colorado Commercial Property Inspectors Association ComSOP. Please follow the links below for more information.

InterNACHI Inspectors Standards of Practice


*Inspection limitations apply to all Colorado Property Inspectors, LLC. services provided. Mold inspection service includes one (1) interior mold sample. Lab fees apply for additional mold samples.  Sewer Scope inspection is up to 115' maximum equipment line limit of a plumbing drain line from an accessible cleanout.  All listed home inspection packages and fees are for properties up to and no more than 3500 Sq.Ft. Additional fees apply for exceeding square footage. Same day reports do not include Mold and/or Radon test results. Contact us for more information.  

** A Property Inspection is not a Code Inspection. Inspectors with Colorado Property Inspectors, LLC will not and do not inspect for or ensure of any form that a property is in compliance with any or all applicable city, state or International Codes.                                       

Colorado Property Inspectors is owned and operated by Spirit Inspections, LLC.  A Colorado Registered and Fully Insured Property Inspection Company.

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